• Design Research
• Speculative Design
• Interface Design
• Security Integration

• Simultan offset printing
• Silkscreen-printed colour-shifting ink
• Diffractive optically variable image device
• Cell-modulated screening intaglio


The 700 specimen banknote is part of an ongoing research project exploring the use of creative technologies for currency design and the future of payment interfaces, communicated through a range of speculative artefacts.

Drawing on inspiration from geophysics, cosmic scales and navigation systems, we created a series of designs using procedural generation and 3D modeling as primary tools for producing visual assets. The mountain peak on the front of the note evokes Swiss landscapes and exploration. In the centre, a diagram based on the rapex—a device for determining coordinates on the Swiss national maps—shows the cardinal directions. Additional topographic elements and contour lines appear in the security stripe. The back of the note depicts a view of planet Earth as seen from space, with the South Pole at the top in reference to the first clear image of Earth, The Blue Marble, which was originally taken “upside down” by the crew of Apollo 17, on December 7, 1972. Under UV light, an expanded view of the Earth's magnetic field appears.


• Design Research
• Narrative Creation
• Experience Design
• Creative Direction

• CGI environments
• Optical effect ink designs
• Specimen cards & sample banknotes
• Custom presentation boxes
• 3D generated ceramic sculptures


SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services. In late 2019, RETINAA was commissioned by SICPA to develop a visual storytelling concept and a range of promotional material focusing on user experience.

Working closely with the SICPA team, we came up with a disruptive and contemporary way to present the innovations of ink technology. Inspired by microscopic images of banknotes, we built an imaginary universe composed of three environments, each illustrating a key ink property. The resulting outcome was a combination of bespoke CGI artworks and novel ink designs inviting users along an immersion into the banknote microcosm.

Photography by ReproSolution


Wax-sealed in purple and red
Seamless, scannable label
White silkscreen-print
Deep purple intaglio


To celebrate our 6-year milestone, we decided to release two series of limited edition wine bottles with scannable labels, mapping out key projects undertook during that time into a collection of visual signs. The labels were silkscreen-printed to reveal the UV properties of the paper, then overprinted in deep purple intaglio. The selected wines were produced by Le Domaine de la Ville de Morges: Gamay Réserve Grand Cru and Parcelle No. 982 Sélection Nature Grand Cru.

Photography by Nicolas Delaroche

ISL FontBox 1

ISL FontBox 2

ISL FontBox 3

ISL FontBox 4

ID Encrypted Access Card

Linen Tester

Specimen banknote 2

Specimen banknote 4


RETINAA creates images, interfaces and products for the physical and digital space. The focus of our work is the design of next generation security documents, anti-counterfeiting features, and authentication solutions. Our approach brings together security design expertise and creative technologies to provide highly crafted, forward-thinking solutions. Through the exploration of visual narratives, technology and culture, we create work that seeks to connect technical innovation with human emotion.

Founded by Carl Guilhon and Guillaume Peitrequin, we draw on 10+ years of experience working in the graphic arts and the security printing industry with governments, high-security printers, technology suppliers and brands. In cooperation with our clients, we ensure the work resonates conceptually, aligns with multi-level security specifications, and advances innovative feature integration.

We're a team of designers and creative-thinkers with complementary skill sets, driven by experimentation and superior craftsmanship. The scope of our services encompass creative direction, consulting, CGI, technology design and integration, and bespoke security fonts.

Research and collaboration are integral parts of RETINAA. Since its inception in 2016, we engage in R&D projects with artists, writers and researchers, to open up a range of concerns for tomorrow's design and production systems.


For general inquiries and detailed case studies of our work, please contact us at info@retinaa.ch

We're always on the lookout for talented and creative people to join us. Both full time and freelance applicants welcome. If you're interested in working with us, please send your application with CV, portfolio and cover letter to office@retinaa.ch

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